• Editorial - Positive organizational psychology – a hope for Romanian organizations
  • Openness to experience and job search behavior: a study on the mediating effect of job search selfefficacy
  • Implicit and explicit personality assessment in the context of personnel selection
  • Des competences collectives en pratique: le cas du travail d’articulation
  • Investigarea impactului emoțiilor negative asupra reglării emoționale în organizații
  • Correlates and predictors of bullying in Romanian workplaces
  • Jan J.F. ter Laak Evaluarea psihologică a întrebărilor clientului - ghid practic pentru studenți și practicieni, 2013, Editura Sinapsis Publishing Projects, 524 p.
  • Machteld van den Heuvel Adaptation to Organizational Change – The Role of Meaning-Making and Other Psychological Resources, 2013, Ipskamp Drukkers, Olanda, 237 p.
  • Conferința Profiles International – "10 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE IN HUMAN RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT”, 02-03 Octombrie 2013, București

Published: 2014-05-05